I never liked wearing uniforms.

I never liked wearing uniforms. I worked for a band called Leda Ray and the Escorts once and we wore tuxedo jackets and ruffled dress shirts, and that was pretty bad. With Faron we had some Harvey Krantz suits that were kinda cool, but still, it was a uniform, and we had to get them dry cleaned and back on the bus for the next trip and make sure we all wore the same one on any given night. A PITA. We got home one bright Monday morning after a long trip one time, all hung over and shit, and the one of the guys dropped his suit off to get cleaned on the way to Hendersonville and forgot where’e he’d taken it and had to make some frantic phone calls before the next trip to locate it. Yeah, I know it’s show biz, and some people listen with their eyes, but I still feel better in jeans and a T-shirt.
My favorite shirt
Paul Anka was way over the top about stage attire, and if you’ve never heard his rant, it’s here. The guys get shirts, that’s just the fucking way it is! Hilarious. Similar to the infamous Buddy Rich rant.

Author: Cal Sharp

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    How the heck are you, where are you and what you been up to other than what I see on here.

    I have looked for some of you guys for years and can’t believe I have now found you.

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