How to play steel guitar

Go to Nashville and buy one. Traffic is a bitch.

Get some instructional material while you’re at the Sho~Bud store. You might see some luminaries while you’re there; I met Buck Trent, Johnny Cox and Gene O’Neal.
Instructional Material
Go across the street to the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and get some good records to cop licks from.



Practice your ass off. Be a Steel Guitar Monk – no contact with the outside world or with family or friends, no sex, no sports and no TV. Petition Buddy Emmons 6 times a day on your steel guitar prayer mat. Tell everyone you’ve been abducted by a weird Steel Guitar Cult, but you’re OK, and you’ll see them in 6 months or so, or however long it takes you to learn ”Raisin’ the Dickens” and to get the friggin’ guitar in tune.

What, you’re thinking, no instructional DVD’s, no YouTube tutorials, no steel guitar seminars or shows to go to? Oh, yeah… all this was in 1972. Duh. But, hell, it worked for me, and after 6 months of this rigamarole I found a drunken Ray Price/Buck Owens wannabe who actually paid me to play in his band, free beer included. The bandstand was on top of the restrooms and the drummer would fall asleep between songs, but it was a gig, and I bought some new cowboy boots with my first pay. Then it was on to Nashville and fame and fortune with Faron Young, the Grand Ol’ Opry and now as a Steel Guitar Blogger

The ebook, Steel Guitar Insanty

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