Lynn Owsley, guest blogger

Lynn Owsley
Lynn and me
I’ve known Lynn Owsley since the 70‘s. He’s been a great friend, and he helped me get my first artist gig in Nashville, with Stonewall Jackson. If you know Lynn, and you probably do, you know that he’s got a lot of stories, and here’s one of them:

Playing the Opry as a Troubadour was always fun. It takes a little time to get used to it because the Opry, at that time, was like a big family. It was a job, but one we performed with ease and we loved every minute of it. Just coming in to go to work, we had to make the rounds to see old friends, catch up on the latest news, and always make a few new friends and fans. We usually showed up early to make time for these activities.

You might know that I had some good luck from time to time with the dice, the bones, the galloping dominoes. One such time was on our bus while parked at the Opry. Between shows I was able to enhance my money roll while at the same time trimming down the money roll belonging to ET.

When we went onto the stage for our set I was still rubbing it in on ET, and he was still vowing to “get even.” Our second song was “Half A Mind” a Roger Miller tune in which ET always featured me on the solo that Buddy Emmons made famous for steel guitarists. I had hidden a big old pair of bright red casino dice on the top of my steel guitar, and just at the end of ET’s vocal, I grabbed the dice and threw them across to the front side of the stage, and bumped them off a monitor speaker at an angle and they came up right between ET’s feet, spinning, and they stopped and landed on a four and a three, total of seven. ET was speechless, and everyone on the stage was cracking up.

Then I calmly sat down and played my solo while laughing uncontrollably. The audience loved this and they probably thought that it was a part of the show.

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