Hey, you fat guys!

I’ve been playing Saturday nights at the same place for the last five years. Our fan base is mostly in their 50’s and 60’s and beyond and I was just thinking last weekend as I was watching them dance that they’re all getting fat and bald, mostly fat. (Damn, I hope they weren’t thinking the same thing about me). Yep, they’re victims of that popular national epidemic, obesity.

There’s always a lot of bleating and prayer requests at churches and on the Steel Guitar Forum because someone has health problems, and these usually seem to involve obesity.

If you’re middle aged and overweight you really should do something about it. Imagine yourself a year or two down the road, asking for prayers and good thoughts because you’re going in for bypass surgery tomorrow. You might avoid this distressing scenario by losing that weight now. Cut back on the fast food and the booze and get your fat ass off the couch and walk or lift weights or swim a few days a week. You may not see results for a while, but don’t give up, and if you really don’t make any progress you can just tell yourself that’s the way God made you and we’ll see you in the OR.

I went from 8 pounds to 220 in 55 years and then down to 180 in 6 months without that much effort, and you can do it, too. The only hard part about it is to actually decide to do it, and then it’s a piece of cake (whoops, bad metaphor).

Author: Cal Sharp

Nashville pedal steel guitarist for over 30 years. Credits include Stonewall Jackson, Little Jimmy Dickens, Red Sovine, Faron Young, Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Johnny Russell, George Fox, Vern Gosdin, Del Reeves, Gilley's, the Palomino Club and a few others. Retired from the road, playing sessions and clubs locally. I also develop websites, like this one and other music-related sites. Contact me if you need a website. Email: cal at caligraphics dot net or fill out the contact form. http://www.caligraphicsdesign.com/contact/

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