Faron Young

Does Faron sing has ass off, or what?


Does Faron sing has ass off, or what? Country singers make the big time for various and sundry reasons – talent, charisma, cosmetics, style, management, financing, good song choices, media bullshit and much more. Faron certainly had the talent, the voice, the charisma, and he got hold of some great songs to record and he had a certain mystique about him – like all those stories about how he got drunk somewhere or beat up George Jones in an alley or had an affair with some Hollywood actress… Well, hell, when you’re idolized by fans all over the country and you put out a bunch of hit records and you read about yourself in the papers weird things can happen.

I was with him a long time, and even coming onto the gig I knew he was a great singer, but I’ve been watching some of his old videos lately, like this one, and I’m still amazed at what he could do, and I’m glad I got to be a Country Deputy, even though he tried to beat me up a couple times and slopped whiskey on my steel guitar and even fired me a few times and, worst of all, used Buddy Emmons on his sessions at Step One while I was on the gig.

Heh, at one of those sessions Faron asked Rob Hajacos how long it’d been since he’d changed strings on his fiddle and Rob countered with “Oh, since about the last time you had a hit record, Sheriff”. Hell, if I woulda been on the session I coulda said something funny, too. Well, maybe… Subbing for the Big E ain’t no easy run.

Luckily I didn’t have to sign an NDA when I was on the gig. Hence my latest eBook, “The Beast From the Back of the Bus”, wherein the lead character is based on Faron. Get it. Since Faron went to that great honky tonk in the sky I don’t have a real gig any more.

Author: Cal Sharp

Nashville pedal steel guitarist for over 30 years. Credits include Stonewall Jackson, Little Jimmy Dickens, Red Sovine, Faron Young, Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Johnny Russell, George Fox, Vern Gosdin, Del Reeves, Gilley's, the Palomino Club and a few others. Retired from the road, playing sessions and clubs locally. I also develop websites, like this one and other music-related sites. Contact me if you need a website. Email: cal at caligraphics dot net or fill out the contact form. http://www.caligraphicsdesign.com/contact/

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