Faron Young

Faron killed himself 14 years ago today. I use to badger him to get me on “Nashville Now” with him, and he did a couple times. I mean, it wasn’t his call; the show’s budget only allowed for so many musicians, but he did what he could. He was the guest host on this one, so I guess he had a little more bargaining power. This clip, “Stop To Take the Time”, is from the late 80’s. It’s a record he had out on the Step One label. Great song, shoulda been a big hit. More about Faron here.


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  1. I have always loved Faron’s music. Every song of his is quality country.
    What makes a fine entertainer do what Faron did? It is almost like he had some inner demons that he couldn’t get rid of. I always wondered what drove him…

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