Shit happens on the road

You know how when you’re out on the road and you find out somebody in the band is gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that)? Don’t you hate that? I was out with Red Sovine and a drummer we’d taken with us at the last minute, whom none of us really knew, started making moves on the bass player after we’d been out a few days. So we made a few phone calls and a slight detour and dropped his ass off back in Nashville and picked up another drummer and went on with the tour.

I was out West with another act and the bus driver hit it big in a casino and quit and hopped a plane to Cancun or some fucking where and we had to fly another driver in from Nashville.

When I was with Stonewall we took a bass player out with us, again, someone we didn’t really know, and he was such a bad player he tried to play walking patters on just one string. So that was something you don’t want to do every day.

I got into a fight on the bus with Faron and he fired me on the spot and ordered the driver to pull over and put me off, hundreds of miles away from Nashville, but he wouldn’t stop. So he fired the driver, too. Nobody in the band backed up the boss’s executive decision, and Faron grumbled and staggered around the bus for a while and eventually tottered off to bed. Everything was forgiven the next morning.

Things I’ve Done on Broadway

Bought my first steel guitar at the Sho~Bud store
Met Johnny Cox and Gene O’Neal upstairs at Sho~Bud
Was warned by Harry Jackson about the dangers of the joints
Germed all the steel players I could find
Spent the night at Merchant’s Hotel
Jammed with Jimmy Day at the Wheel
Ate at Linebaugh’s and lived to write this post
Saw Buddy and Willie at Tootsie’s
Got mistaken for Buddy Emmons
Saw a guy get arrested for taking a dump in a booth at a peep show
Jammed with 3 or 4 other steel players at Deemen’s Den (more than once)
Got gigs with Stonewall Jackson, Red Sovine and Faron Young
Got my car towed (twice)
Lost a guitar player friend in a shootout in the street
Backed up Jack Green, Bonnie Owens, Faron Young, and a few others
Backed up a whole bunch of out-of-town singers
Posed for a lot of pictures
Helped coerce Weldon Myrick into jamming with us at the Den
Drank up all the Jack Daniel’s at Deemen’s Den
Changed the fuel pump on a ’73 Nova
Made hundreds of dollars in 30+ years
Learned how to play steel guitar