1 of 5 country music fans don’t listen to country stations

One in five country music fans never tune in to country radio stations

What a shock, eh? We all know country radio sucks, because they don’t play country music. Duh.

One in five country music fans never tune in to country radio stations, according to a research study released Wednesday afternoon at Country Radio Seminar, a four-day national gathering of music makers, players and radio industry executives in downtown Nashville.

Instead, self-described country music fans get their music from websites, their own collections stored on iPods or listening to other types of radio stations, the annual report on industry trends found.

When I want to listen to country music I get it from my own collection, certainly not from the radio. Unless it’s an internet station, like Shufflemainia.

Read the rest of the story on The Tennessean.

Author: Cal Sharp

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2 thoughts on “1 of 5 country music fans don’t listen to country stations”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I never listen to the radio anymore. Waste of time. I have bought and compiled all my faces onto my iPod, even though I don’t love the sound quality of MP3s. (I use a high nitrate, so the loss isn’t as bad.)

    When will the FM and XM DJs figure out that they have a huge, unserviced group of people that could boost their listening audience by a factor of ten?

    Sorry for the co-rant, but I’ve felt this way for years. Thanks for the post.

    –Arlen C., amateur guitar picker

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