I’ve never had much fun playing weddings. In my high school rock band the parents of the happy couples always told us we were too loud. I mean, hell, we were a rock band, not Glenn Miller. That’s why the kids hired us in the first place. What they did they expect?

I played a Jewish wedding with Faron one time, and that was a hoot. Those folks were loaded, and they spent thousands on the affair, which was held in a country club and catered to the hilt. We never figured out why they wanted a country music act, but we scarfed down some Knishes and Blintzes and played our shuffles and ballads to a reserved, polite response. Then Faron decided to wax loquacious between “I Miss You Already” and “Alone With You”, which he usually introduced as his Jewish song, “Alone Wit Jew”. He strolled across the stage telling the audience how he lived on an island in an exclusive neighborhood in Old Hickory, just outside Nashville, between two estates owned by Jews, and how he felt like a Gentile sandwich. The big country show kinda tapered off after that and we were politely ignored the rest of the night.

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