Who sang on “Fist City”?

Singers exist mainly to give steel guitar players a gig, right?

Singers exist mainly to give steel guitar players a gig, right? Heh, we might think that, and we have to keep it a secret, but there’s probably not a bunch of artists (singers) who read this blog anyway. (Like we’re not artists, too?)

Who sang on “Ride, Ride, Ride”? Umm, long blonde hair, daughter of another female country singer… Oh yeah, Lynn Anderson. I think she sang on “That’s a No No” too. But those are Lloyd Green records to me. “Once A Day” and “I’ll Come Runnin’” are Weldon Myrick records. I might have never really listened to “A Way To Survive” or “Night Life” if Buddy hadn’t been on them, although Price is one awesome vocalist. Charlie Pride? I identify him by “Live at Panther Hall “ with Lloyd Green, and also by Gene O’Neal, his road steel player, who used to call me to sub for him in Printers’ Alley. Buck Owens sucked me in because he had Moon, Brumley and Maness on his records, and Ernest Tubb’s band (Buddy and Buddy) was the main attraction there.

Not to diss singers, but most of them don’t give a rat’s ass about who’s in their band as long as they make the artist sound good and don’t play over their vocals. But then there are steel-friendly singers out there, and you’ll see some of them at steel guitar shows, or at the Midnight Jamboree. Guys like Darrell McCall, Johnny Bush, Justin Trevino… singers who appreciate stellar steel playing and aren’t averse to giving credit to the steel player.

Darrell always got Buddy when he could, and why should Johnny Bush feed, clothe and house a steel player from Texas when he could have Buddy for scale at the Midnight Jamboree?

Loretta sang on “Fist City” of course. And Pete Drake played steel.

Author: Cal Sharp

Nashville pedal steel guitarist for over 30 years. Credits include Stonewall Jackson, Little Jimmy Dickens, Red Sovine, Faron Young, Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Johnny Russell, George Fox, Vern Gosdin, Del Reeves, Gilley's, the Palomino Club and a few others. Retired from the road, playing sessions and clubs locally. I also develop websites, like this one and other music-related sites. Contact me if you need a website. Email: cal at caligraphics dot net or fill out the contact form. http://www.caligraphicsdesign.com/contact/

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