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The big news around Music City recently was how a couple of the Jones Boys, after more than two decades of service, got fired because they wouldn’t sign a confidentiality agreement. Yeah, it happens all the time, sidemen getting screwed around, but this is kind of an interesting story.

Makes you wonder what George Jones has to hide, and who was really behind this. His wife? His handlers? His lawyers? Some unknown and mysterious business partners? Was there some financial venture that went awry and needed to be covered up? It also might make you wonder how and why anyone, even Jones, could make such a dumb-ass move. I mean, damn, what more incentive would someone need to spill the coke beans to the Enquirer or whoever else might care about what the Possum has really been up to all these years? Idle speculation certainly, but such questionable behavior encourages armchair conjecture.

I never worked for him, but I’ve been on package shows with him and seen him at the old Hall of Fame in Nashville and I’ve known plenty of guys who have worked for him who could tell you some really odious stories, and he’s really just a dim-witted redneck who happened to have a lot of talent. He can’t even remember the names of some of the musicians who’ve worked for him for years. He sings great, or used to, but I”m not a fan and I’ve never liked his records. He had some good country songs, but the arrangements and producing never did much for me. I’ve spent many, many hours learning licks off records by Price, Tubb, Owens and some of the other singers who inspired me to be a steel guitar player, but I can’t think of one lick I ever learned off a George Jones record. I did, however, cop a nice lick from Tom Killen that I heard him play on a show at Jones’s country park in Colmsneil when I was there with Faron.

Well, I’m sure the ousted musicians will land on their feet. They might have been a little tired of Jones anyway, after all those years. You can read Kent Goodson’s statement at Kent Goodson Music.

6 thoughts on “George Jones fires two musicians

  1. Tom Killen Jul 11,2011 4:11 pm

    Cal, Thank you for the wonderful compliments and true story. Call me anytime if you want to hear the facts and the whole story. Tom Killen

  2. Kent Goodson Jul 21,2011 9:29 pm

    I enjoyed your “behind the scenes” website. It’s a great source of information from someone who has been there and lived it on and off stage. I remember being in Nashville for the first time in the late ’70s and getting on the Faron Young bus for a few minutes. I was just a wide eyed green kid from S.E. Missouri and longed to get a little place in the music community and play the country music that I so loved. Thanks for your posting my website and allowing folks who were interested to see my statement of what happened with my change of employment.
    Kind Regards,
    Kent Goodson

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  4. Bill Iron Hawk Feb 23,2012 9:45 pm

    I am a huge a fan, but i respect opinions, George Jones certainly isnt capable of being a total goody 2 shoes i think Nancy has a lot to do with this, am not interested in dirt but am very interested in this. Perhaps he’s nipping again, prob would help his voice, if you fine people would like to share this with me i would be greatful.

  5. Hob Sep 4,2012 9:33 pm

    I’ve always bought that story that Nancy “saved” Jones, but Nancy is becoming more and more suspect, in my opinion. I’ll bet she’s the one behind all the drama with Jones and Georgette too. Something’s just not right there………..

  6. KCBarbieQ Apr 27,2013 7:30 am

    This find was interesting. Back in the 90s, I had some songs produced by a man who claimed to have once been George Jones’s drummer. But then in the last few years, wanting to find this producer and not having contact info on him any longer, I called down to Branson, MO and spoke with George Jones’s asst. She said call back in a few days, she’d ask George. Well, I did,and George said he didn’t know this guy,never worked with him. I was saddened. But apparently,he may HAVE known him and just didn’t remember. THanks!

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