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Steel Guitar Madness T-shirts

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Anti-spam question: How many strings are on a D-10 steel guitar?

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Sharp Covers Nashville is your online resource for custom one-of-a-kind protection for your valuable steel guitars and amps.

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We also have a blog at Sharp Covers Nashville Blog.



0 #2 "Cool"Kenny Martin 2011-09-23 07:46

Nice work man! I will get with you on setting a personal web-site up for me. I do instructional stuff and now that I play steel with Marshall Tucker i'm getting ask for more and more.
Would be nice to make enough for strings these days! All the best man!...kenny
P.S. My Sharp steel cover is the best!!!
0 #1 perfect giftmiss sportie 2011-09-15 19:27
Finally! I've found it, the perfect gift for my boyfriend. As soon as i get enough money :P anyway, that's greeeeat

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Custom steel guitar and amp covers at Sharp Covers Nashville

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