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Cal Sharp

Cal Sharp, steel guitar player

I’m from South Bend, Indiana, and have lived in Nashville most of the time since 1977. I came here to play steel guitar. I’ve toured with Stonewall Jackson, Little Jimmy Dickens, Red Sovine, George Fox, Faron Young and a few others. I’ve also backed up dozens of other artists on package shows and as a sub, most notably Ray Price and Ernest Tubb.

I retired from the road 15 years ago, and don’t miss it. Currently I’m playing around Dickson and Nashville. I do a session once in a while. I’ve worked the clubs on Broadway off and on since the late 70’s.

I played trumpet and piano in grade school, and guitar and bass in rock bands in high school and college.

I became fascinated with steel guitar watching Hal Rugg back up Loretta Lynn on the Wilburn Brothers TV show in the 60’s, and when I graduated from college in 1972 I borrowed $1,000 and drove to Nashville and bought a D-10 Sho~Bud Professional and Neil Flanz’s instructional album at the Sho~Bud store on Broadway and then went across the street to the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and bought a stack of records to learn licks from. I went back home to South Bend and practiced like mad, and in about 6 months I was making a living playing full time with some of the guys who had worked with Buddy Emmons before he left town.

After 3 or 4 years of this I went to Texas and gigged around Austin and Houston, then came back to Nashville. I lived in LA for year in 1981, where I played at the Palomino club in North Hollywood.

I’ve worked as a graphic designer/IT guy for the last 12 years, and currently am doing freelance web sites at Caligraphics and picking. I also help my wife, Leann, with her steel and amp cover business at Sharp Covers Nashville . She designs and sews and I handle the website and the shipping.

I have a couple 1974 Emmons D-10 guitars, a black one and a rosewood one. I bought the black one new from the factory. I use a Peavey Profex II and Nashville 400 amps; the  same set-up I’ve used since the 80’s. I also play guitar and bass.

Before I started on steel I’d never seen one in person, and didn’t know anyone who played. My only influences were records and TV shows. Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green, Weldon Myrick, Buddy Charleton and Hal Rugg were the players I tried to copy.

Some of the highlights have been working the Opry the first time – with Sonny, Hal and Weldon standing there looking at me solemnly – and having the opportunity to jam with musicians like Buddy Emmons, Weldon Myrick and Jimmie Crawford.

I write a little. I’ve written for The Tennessean, The Banner, Guitar Player Magazine, Country Music Magazine, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. I have an ebook titled “Chevy Summer” available at Amazon and Smashwords. It’s about rock’n'roll, cars and girls in 1962.

Investigate my latest ebook, "The Beast From the Back of the Bus", at Cal






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Custom steel guitar and amp covers at Sharp Covers Nashville

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My eBooks

I wrote some books all by myself that you might be interested in if you like country music, steel guitar, the 60's and/or mysteries.

Steel Guitar Insanity, the book

My latest book. A compilation of the blog of the same name. Buy now.


beast book cover

My 2nd ebook: The Beast From the Back of the Bus

A musician procedural. What it's like to be on tour through Texas with a murderous White Supremacist on your trail.

chevy summer book cover

My first ebook, a mystery, available at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and the the Sony Reader Store.

Hot Rods, girls, music and murder from 1963. More at Chevy Summer.

My Amazon page.

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